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The Nonpartisan Education Review provides a forum for those interested in education issues but put off by the closed and censorial education policy groups affiliated with the political parties. We aim to make a difference by remaining non-aligned and non-partisan. Learn more about us and read the Nonpartisan Education Review® (ISSN 2150-6477), our peer-reviewed, open access electronic journal.  

Nonpartisan Education Review: ALL CONTENT, 2005-2021

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Recently published in the Nonpartisan Education Review:

Special Section: The Common Core Dissenters: Special Section: The Problem of Private Data in Education Research:

Nonpartisan Education Review: ALL CONTENT, 2005-2021

ANNOUNCING: Richard Phelps has joined and will represent the Nonpartisan Education Group at the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers (NANR)

ANNOUNCING: John Merrifield has joined the Nonpartisan Education Review as an editor. He's probably best known for his work in school choice, writing, for example, The School Choice Wars and the just-released School System Reform, founding the International School Choice and Reform Conference, and serving as the second editor of the Journal of School Choice. John's participation expands the range of our topical expertise; naturally, he will manage all submissions pertaining to school choice and system reform.

ANNOUNCING: Richard Phelps was recently named to the Committee on Informing Assessment Policy and Practice for the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME). "This committee exists to provide education policy makers with access to the expertise within NCME and organizationally on issues involving uses of tests in public policy. A second, but related role of the committee is to increase the visibility of NCME as a resource for policy-makers in educational assessment. This committee develops strategic policy initiatives that address educational measurement and assessment."

JUST PUBLISHED: School System Reform: How and Why is a Price-less Tale, by John Merrifield. This book identifies root causes of persistently disappointing classroom outcomes, identifies the policy root causes of the classroom causes of Nation at Risk, persistently low school system performance, and then lays out a strategy for identifying the key elements of a high-performing school system, and then achieving their implementation. A discussion forum for each chapter is at https://www.schoolsystemreformstudies.net.

ANNOUNCING: Critically Speaking, a new podcast series hosted by Therese Markow, who writes:       " ... we separate facts from fallacies at the intersection of science and society.
"Every day we make decisions that affect our own lives, those of our children and the lives of everyone on the planet. With the enormous amount of unfiltered, anecdotal 'information' accessible from numerous public sources, wouldn't we want to make our decisions based upon solid scientific data, presented to us in terms we can understand?
"The goal of Critically Speaking is to bring you the results of sound investigations across a wide range of health and educational issues, through discussions with experts, to empower you to make the best decisions in your everyday lives."

013. Richard Phelps: Is our education system failing us? July 24, 2019 (39 minutes)
019. Michael Zwaagstra: Broken Education System September 4, 2019 (31 minutes)
020. Boris Konrad: Memorization and the brain September 11, 2019 (27 minutes)
098. Richard Phelps: No More College Admission Test? Mar 10, 2021 (21 minutes)
126. Richard Phelps: Should Everyone Go to College? September 22, 2021 (32 minutes)
133. Ben Albensi: How brains remember November 10, 2021 (28 minutes)

ANNOUNCING: Sandra Stotsky's The roots of low achievement: Where to begin altering them, from Rowman & Littlefield. Visit www.rowman.com or call (800) 462-6420 to place an order. Also available at Amazon, TextbookX, and Barnes and Noble. Find more of Sandra Stotsky's work at the New Boston Post and the Pioneer Institute.

INTRODUCING: The Learning Scientists:
"We are cognitive psychological scientists interested in research on education. Our main research focus is on the science of learning. Our Vision is to make scientific research on learning more accessible to students, teachers, and other educators. We aim to: motivate students to study; increase the use of effective study and teaching strategies that are backed by research; and decrease negative views of testing. This is not a product or a sales pitch - just science!"

ANNOUNCING: Recent Pioneer Institute reports on Common Core:
The Education Writers Association Casts its Narrowing Gaze on Boston * Fordham Institute's Pretend Research * Setting academic performance standards: MCAS vs. PARCC * Testing the tests: Why MCAS is better than PARCC * Drilling through the Core: Why Common Core is bad for American education * The Revenge of K-12: How Common Core and the new SAT lower college standards in the U.S. * Common Core Standards can be replaced by first-rate standards overnight * Steps for states to replace Common Core * Doubling down on doublespeak * What reporters think they know about Common Core * Debunking Common Core myths * Wanted: Internationally benchmarked standards in English, mathematics, and science

ANNOUNCING: Barry Garelick is featured in a series of articles and podcasts at Truth in American Education, the Heartland Institute, in The Atlantic magazine, and in The Federalist.

INTRODUCING: New Educational Foundations: A Trans-ideological Journal of Criticism and ReviewTM. Volume 1, Volume 2 & Volume 3 & Volume 4

INTRODUCING: Independent Voter News, "Unfiltered community news by independent contributors." (Tired of the Education Week, education-establishment, think-tank echo chamber?)
See IVN education articles here, here, & here.

ProCon.org posts an issue page on standardized tests. (See also their issue page on teacher tenure, ... on school vouchers, ... Is College Worth It?, ... Should Public College be Tuition-Free?, and Teachers' Corner: ProCon.org for Educators, Librarians, and Administrators.)

Nonpartisan Education Review: ALL CONTENT, 2005-2021

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